Custom Finished Edges 

​  Enhance the beauty and elegance of your area rugs, stair runners, or runner rugs with one of our many custom finished edging methods, such as are polyester binding materials, are 1 1/4", 3", 5" cotton binding tapes, or are beautiful 100% cotton serging yarns, and of course leather always looks awesome!
​Custom Area Rugs
   Create your own look and style with personalized custom fabricated area rugs. 
  Warm up your hard surfaces with light colored area rugs to open up the space.
  Create more of an intimate setting with custom made darker area rugs.
  A custom area rug on top of your carpet can create a soft layered look. 
​Custom Stair Runners ​​​
  Custom stair runners can be fabricated by using any of are finished edging methods, stair runners not only add detail and elegance to your home, but they add an element of safety. Stair runners can be applied using an upholsted meathod giving it a stair-hugging look, or a waterfall method for a nice continuous flow. 

​Custom Hallway Runners

 Get the best of both worlds! By preserving the look and exposure of the  beautiful hardwood flooring in your hallway,  but also getting the warmth and softness of a carpet, a custom fabricated hallway runner is what you need.